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The Laze – Timeline III

The path on an individual can sway their decisions, thoughts, and even loyalty. The over reaching ends of a monger of power has changed the existence of all in the Interverse. Devaluing the way of many eons and crashing like a meteoroid into the lives of Evos across this in-between world.Once the Orders strong and peacekeepers are now disheveled. Trying to find their footing in a place that feels to have not gravity. Dashes of the old custom pass the eyes and smells of those who grew in it but these new war bore generation are cold and show minimal…

by VanquishersTCG
December 19, 2022


The view from my eyes grasps a vision of lost eras, but the conception of a renewed ways of the old.  This universal understanding of energy and how its balanced must be kept to allow our existence to continue.  The Vanquishers are cavaliers that are held to the highest regard of keeping this balance, some aggressive, some passive, but all are focused on the fluidity of a balanced multiverse.  The grand sacrifice that the Vanquishers upheld to keep the balance allowed their people to populate the Interverse.  Their race known as Evos grew into a high-tech civilization over the generations.  The Innterverse is a plain…

by VanquishersTCG
December 19, 2022
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