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A Hero Based Training Card Game

A Hero Based Trading Card Game


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Business Overview


Business Name: Vanquisher TCG 

Location: Tampa Florida 

Legal Business Structure: LLC 

Brief description of what your company does: We create and develop table top games for customers and companies’ distribution. 

Mission: Our company has created a challenging, fast-paced, fully customizable deck building card game that you can collect individually and create a social interaction with trade and play amongst demographics that are interested in science fiction, tabletop games, board games, and even to a certain extent video games.

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Development Team

Creator & Developer | Charlie Correa

Responsible for game designs, character illustrations, character creation, video marketing ads, product design layouts, project management, character story layouts. I have been an independent graphic artist and designer for over 15 years.

The visionary and creator in the world of Vanquishers TCG, I have conceptualized the art and design for many projects with collaborators. The over 15 years of skills learned and developed have given me a variety of abilities; Graphic design, videography, photography, production, and manufacturing, to name a few inside my wheelhouse. I am exhilarated by the thought of bringing a new game to the market, its refreshing to offer such an immersive style of Trading Card Game.


Oh!, and this is only the beginning.

Marketing  & Communication | Jason Bratlien

Co-creator of Vanquishers TCG I took focus on the gameplay systems within our game. The management of the many of projects our team has been one of my key roles taking planning out the logistics for best results. Currently I have taken on the role of handling our outreach on social media and marketing to increase the following and get people aware of the creations of a phenomenal game from our imagination and ingenuity. The majority of my years on projects are outlined on funding and dispersement of said funds for budgeting purposes. The quality control of final products and process also fall into my lap as we have gone on this journey.


The best offense is a good defense, lets play some Vanquishers TCG.

Web & App Developer | Jose Just

Hi guys! “I am the web developer for Vanquishers T.C.G.!” , is usually my “go to” on describing my project role with my team. The truth is, I am formally trained in computer information systems and have utilized my skills to create an application and website for this project. As the Web Developer for Vanquishers TCG, I’ve taken my teams vision and expressed our passion of this game onto our website making sure that your experience exploring and learning about Vanquishers TCG is a great one. The position within this production has given me the inspiration to create an application that cooperates with the gameplay of Vanquishers TCG. The “Vanquishers Keeper” counter system was designed from scratch and has been through many updates to allow you to keep track of your stats. These infrastructural steps within my role provides great game flow and gives results for the end user when it comes to playing the physical card game.


P.S. I am Just the Web Developer.

Game Balancer | Brandon Rodriguez

I am Thee Game Balancer! Charlie and Jason are amazing visionaries, thinkers and creators. They are often times coming up with great ideas and as Thee Game Balancer I figure out how to make those ideas come to life. Often times beta testing many aspects of our game in order to make sure that these ideas work well together. I am constantly looking at the function and flow of the game to make sure everyone gets the best playing experience possible. I do on occasion work on other projects with the team such as character development, card development and rule development. But I must admit I love being Thee Game Balancer. There is nothing better than helping to make all those crazy Ideas Charlie, Jason, and José come up with work to perfection!  
Yeah you heard me right “Perfection”

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Page 3

The Market

1 | Trading Card Game Industry

  • Revenue in the Card Games segment amounts to US$738m in 2021. The market is expected to grow annually by 3.30% (CAGR 2021-2026).
  • In global comparison, most revenue is generated in China (US$1,427m in 2021).
  • In relation to total population figures, per person revenues of US$2.22 are generated in 2021.

2 | Competitors

  • Magic The Gathering – Wizards of the Coast and parent company Hasbro, Inc. announced that the publisher of Magic The Gathering earned a record $816M in revenue in 2020. This announcement came during Hasbro’s 2021 Investor Event on February 
  • Pokemon – As of August 2021, the best performing media related franchise in the world is Pokémon, having generated a revenue of 105 billion U.S. dollars. The popular manga franchise made billions of dollars on merchandise, video games sales, and in the box office. Further gains were through home entertainment, books and jet aircraft sales.



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Page 4

Business FAQ

What problem does your company solve for your customers? Our game incorporates a unique Versus System that provides a chance and strategy system that allows everyone to play the odds and go all out or play conservatively.

What result does your company create for your customers? The Vanquishers TCG is a game that gives the individual the ability to strategize and adapt in real-time in competitive gameplay. Players choose a Hero and then build that Hero to their preferred playing style.

How does your company create that result? Our company creates a challenging, fast-paced, fully customizable deck-building card game that you can collect individually and create social interaction with trade and play amongst demographics that are interested in science fiction, tabletop games, board games, and even to a certain extent video games. 

Who does your company serve? We provide a collectible experience with starter decks and booster packs to our consumers as well as future expansions to the game. Gamers interested in competitive gameplay, collectors of cards or games, and Sci-fi fandom. 

Why do you do what you do? We are the community we serve. We love collecting items as well as playing many games. We contributed to the community as well as being consumers. This has been a lifestyle for us for many years and we enjoy every moment. We would love to give that same experience to our customers like we had growing up. 

Why should customers choose you over your competition? Create a game that gives the individual the ability to strategize and adapt in real-time in competitive gameplay. Choosing a preferred Hero to create a customizable strategy and chance-based game.

Your proprietary system: Versus System and V-Trigger System 

Gameplay Overview

Select A Hero

Heroes are each different in every way from their life points, to their defense points, to their shield points. What makes each Hero unique are their V-Trigger abilities.

Activate Weapon Card

Many weapons to choose from. Weapons can change the tide of the fight. Each weapon have different perks and abilities to choose from.

Activate Weapon Mods

Modify each weapon beyond the stock values and play style. Weapon mods can increase damage, targeting and other values.

Roll For Combat

Target your enemy with our chance combat system. Roll the dice to meet or exceed the enemy’s defense value to deal damage.

Activate V-Trigger

This is Vanquishers TCG unique feature. Once activated, you unleash your Hero's unique ability along with any activated weapon V-Trigger ability.

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Page 5

Future Goals

Rift Game Mode:

This is the core game mode of our game. Our company has plans to expand this game mode much further after the release of booster packs and other hero starter kits. These expansions will allow the consumers to continue to build their deck strategies much farther with new armors, weapons, and abilities.

Other Game Mode:

We have other game modes that are under development. These modes will be designed to work throughout each platform. Below are the modes we are planning to expand the game into.


1 vs 1

This game mode is your fast-paced one versus one game. Build your deck and battle against your opponent and defeat them.


3 vs 3

This multi-player mode allows you to battle against or alongside allies to defeat your enemies. As a team shares their strategy and energy to defeat your opponent.


1 – 6 Players

This is our raid boss game mode. Battle to defeat the boss and his acolytes. The boss card is 4x the size of the standard card. Build up your Hero alongside 5 other allies while surviving the carnage of random scenarios events. 


1 – 6 Players

This is our board game mode. Move your hero around a unique evolving map where range and line of sight matter. Enhance your Heros actions, speed, and other perks by completing scenario events and defeating your enemies.

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Page 6

Marketing Plan

| Marketing

Target market demographics: 13 to 54 age group / Science fiction fans/ Gaming stores / US / EURO / ASIAN Markets 

Target market psychographics:  

Estimated size of target market:  

Where can target market be found?

Visibility (brand awareness) strategy: 

Marketing the Vanquishers Logo on every product. Creating posters and ads for stores, website, and Social Media. Influencers / Partnering / Trade Shows 

Lead generation strategy: Social Media / Influencers/ Partnering / Trade Shows 

Conversion strategy: Consumers can subscribe to the landing page to be part of email listing for follow-up and updates about the product release and future plans of the Vanquishers TCG. Directing the prospects to product purchasing options. 

| Products 

Primary Product: Vanquishers Tradable Card Game 

Result: Our company creates a challenging, fast-paced, fully customizable deck building card game that you can collect individually and create a social interaction with trade and play amongst demographics that are interested in science fiction, tabletop games, board games, and even to a certain extent video games. 

Impact: Prospect will create memories that can pass onto next generations of consumers and/or peers.  


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Page 7

Kickstarter Plan

Broad Goal

We have a goal to hit 1250 backers to equal 50,000 USD on Kickstarter.

The primary tier we want to sell will be at a cost of 40.00 USD per unit.

Cost analysis on a 1000 unit sale:

Cost: $12.75 per unit.

Sales Price: 40.00 per unit.

Profit: $27.24 per unit.

This tier will include the Advanced Game:

2 hero cards and 2 hero item cards(Both Holographic)

Each Deck 51 cards includes: total x 2

Hero card

Hero x 1

Power Up

Cards Energy Class Card x 1 Ammunition Cards x 14 Weapon Mods x 3 Energy Mod x 1

Item Cards

SMG x 2 Hand Guns x 7 Auto Rifle x 1 Armor x 1

Ability cards

Class Cards x 8 Neutral Cards x 4 Energy Class Card x 2

Extra Cards

Icon Card/Quick Rules x 1 Trap Indicators x 4

Also Included

Get Ability Dice x 1 Get Target Dice x 1 Get Energy Cubes x 1 Get Life Cubes x 1 Get Shield Cubes x 1 Get Counter Cubes x 1 Get Battle mats x 1
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