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A few updates ⬆️⬆️⬆️

1️⃣All booster packs have been assembled and will be shipping soon.

2️⃣The inserts for the test decks got misprinted and we hope to have them fixed today. We will be shipping these out as soon as these are corrected.

3️⃣Energy Overload Rd.3 Giveaway – Saros Armor we will be giving away 1 for every 10 ppl registered on our website. (Go register for a chance) only 16 printed of this Exclusive version of this card, won’t be printed like this again.

4️⃣Comic book is on it last page and it is done, This month will focus on the comic book and our honored illustrator <@224620971406000130> who did some incredible work! He will be flying down for Tampa Comic Con to sign books and meet people!

5️⃣We are preparing for Tampa comic con, we have our booth space and we will get you the details.

6️⃣We want to setup a demo day at a new LGS in the Tampa Area, they are excited to check out the game.

7️⃣ The Dev Edition Reviewer Kits are already here and being prepared for assembly. We will send out to reviewers to unbox. (If you got a favorite content creator bug them to message us, if they are interested in doing an unboxing!

8️⃣The promos for this month are en routine and we will start unveiling these items.

⚠️More information coming soon!⚠️ @everyone

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