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Hey Vanquishers!

1️⃣We completed our 3rd Energy Overload Giveaway on July 4th and we had 13 of the 16 cards won! Congrats to you winners, we will be emailing you to confirm you claim your winning.

▶️The remaining 3 EOL cards of the 16 were seeded within the advanced booster packs.

2️⃣The advanced booster packs contain the following chases:
▶️27 Solaris variant card
▶️27 Vale variant card
▶️Each dev signed 5 Ammo cards each & one ammo card has all devs signatures.
▶️5 advanced packs have a special gold logo on the inside flap of the pack, if you find this take a photo and send it to a dev! For a special prize.

3️⃣The following items were ordered:
▶️Promo game mats! Exclusive artwork.
▶️Promo hero card
▶️Sample Comic Book
▶️Test Decks for LGS’s , we have been getting requests.
▶️VSTI Early Access Cards

4️⃣We have selected 7 individuals who have applied to be part of the street team. We thank you for taking the time to spread our game in your local area.
Let’s get the game playing across as many places as we can!!! Flyers and posters are getting done as we speak for your LGS’s.

5️⃣Tampa comic con is this month and we want to have a great turn out. The display was mock setup and most all items ordered for the space are in to connect with new prospects.

6️⃣Reviewer Kits will be put together and sent out to content creators soon, bug your favorite content creator to unbox our stuff! Lol.

7️⃣Every Sunday 8:30pm est, we teach gameplay and hang out with you great members in discord.

More update to come! Bless Up! @everyone

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