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 Vanquishers TCG News
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  • New Tournament Signup Starts April 1st, Join And Sign Up In The Interverse.

We are offering “ENTER THE RIFT” giveaway in our discord.

This starts today 4/29/22 until the 15th of May.

An invite contest for discord, all you have to do is be part of our discord and invite the most people. Top 4 invites will get a booster pack of 5-6 cards of VanquishersTCG.

These cards are samples that will be placed in these packs. All packs will have at least one foil card, if not more.

That means the rarity of these cards is higher, so please come have some fun with us and join discord for a chance to win this contest.

To get in discord ask one of our community members in chat!

Thank you for the support!

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