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The path on an individual can sway their decisions, thoughts, and even loyalty. The over reaching ends of a monger of power has changed the existence of all in the Interverse. Devaluing the way of many eons and crashing like a meteoroid into the lives of Evos across this in-between world.

Once the Orders strong and peacekeepers are now disheveled. Trying to find their footing in a place that feels to have not gravity. Dashes of the old custom pass the eyes and smells of those who grew in it but these new war bore generation are cold and show minimal concern for customs.

Once Evos, regarded these Orders so highly they would throw gold dust in celebration of the presence of their respective orders, now they are treated as common as a pile of space dust, to be swept away and forgotten.

The transposed position of Solaris once draped in the finest technology found across all Verses, he now chooses to move in common armor to dissolve his semblance to his life as an Order member. The adorned assassin of his Solar Order he has trained to place mayhem against all his opponents. The type of fight he longs for is one of cold fringes. Now, in this lawless map of his existence he exploits the weak and pushes away the strong. If anything cast even a shadow on him he blazes through it with a rage unmatched. Crossing these lines only are permissions to give up your life force.

Vale full of selfless honor for the Glacier Order, that treated him as a mere servant. Never denied him a chance to answer the calls of his home. The chip on his shoulder devours his ability to let’s any words melt away, as they cut deep like flame from the center of a super nova. This balancer of the hydrogen and oxygen in it’s densest form will never deny his Order even as they have fallen into disarray. Grasping onto his last shred of self, that has defined his whole existence, he is lost trying to find retribution for the folly of the world.

Crossing of paths can be a marrying experience for all involved, but these combat hardened soldiers were not built for niceties. So, this encounter is like a meteor crashing into another, the results unknown.

Solaris dashes out of sight holding a golden trinket, using parkour style moves he gets away from his pursuers. Vale found this place looking at old ancient diagrams of places the Triiconians dwelled. 


They say points are meant to meet, 


and this was the case for these two wounded warriors.

One hurt and trying to understand this new world and the other embracing the chaos like the arms of an old comrade.

Vale senses Solaris by his heat signature across the partially torn apart metallic structures.(the cold of this world hides Vale from Solaris) 


Vale: What are you running from? You are of the Solar Order and I’ve never seen one move so quickly. Seems cowardess and less of your title.

Solaris: for you to speak to me, you think your words have meaning, you are nothing! a lifeless body without feeling, numb to the action surrounding it.

Vale: So you are gliding with words as if, the wind cannot be frozen halting all you come to know.

Solaris: Do you come to hinder my arrival to freedom? No matter… I have no energy for this…

A building crashes as the tyrants ships are in range seemingly changing there targets to both Order member heroes the crashing through off the two Vale and Solaris only heightening their will to fight, thus a battle ensues. 


Vales body charging with blocks of ice floating like shields ready to crush his target 


Solaris more keen to shoot first and ask questions later. Aiming one weapon at the ships and the other at Vale. No hesitation on pulling the trigger. 


To be continued… Who will be Vanquished!?

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