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The view from my eyes grasps a vision of lost eras, but the conception of a renewed ways of the old.


This universal understanding of energy and how its balanced must be kept to allow our existence to continue.


The Vanquishers are cavaliers that are held to the highest regard of keeping this balance, some aggressive, some passive, but all are focused on the fluidity of a balanced multiverse.


The grand sacrifice that the Vanquishers upheld to keep the balance allowed their people to populate the Interverse.


Their race known as Evos grew into a high-tech civilization over the generations.


The Innterverse is a plain of existence between other universes.


Some areas are very unstable and rip doorways connecting the Evos with access to other universal arts, cultures, and creations.


Some of these doorways feed into the Innterverse the needed resources in the form of otherworldly technologies.


Sometimes these access points destroy the areas they appear and others flow rich like a stream of data through a computerized river.


Now the myth of the Vanquisher is long gone as wielders of all energy forms.


Triicon, the homeworld of the Evos has been led into parrel through false promises and this false prophet.


It’s too late and the power within his reach has destroyed all of what they once knew.


Where are the Orders?… 


Where are the Vanquishers?…


The Evos are in a place of civil disobedience where a self-proclaimed deity over all of Evos has taken over the Interverse as his kingdom.


The Evos have lost hope and balance, misdirected in their unity as division among all the Orders.


The Orders were given the right to keep the Interverse balanced through each form of energy. Solar, Glacier, Arc, and Dark all must be kept in balance but this has been skewed. The Interverse is in danger of collapse but the Evos, do not know the calamity this creates across all existence.


The Vanquishers must rise again!

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